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How would you like to start your year off? I know the 2013 has started and it's almost the end of January but hey! it's only the first month. It's not yet late to have your own new year blast! Good thing, is here to help us find what we need to start off the year.

For starters, here's my list of TOP 10 SULIT MUST HAVE'S to start my new year right.
10. Cat
9. Perfume
8. Italian Language Lesson
7. Locket
6. Black Leather Jacket
5. Black Ankle Boots
4. Boxing Lesson 
3. CAD Lesson
2. Laptop
1. Part Time Jobs

I know it looks more of a wish list rather than must have's but I'll explain it one by one on why it's part of my top ten list.

CAT: I've lost my cat about a year ago. Every time I got home from school, I always play with my cat. That's how I relieve my stress. Seeing him look so cute and playful makes me forget about how tiring my day was. So when I lost my cat, I got so depressed that my parents thought of buying another cat. I stopped them for buying a new one because I felt like it's not a good idea.

Cute cat I saw at Sulit
 So when I saw this ad at sulit, (,Position,1-14,14) I instantly want that cat for myself. Though I still think that Dudoy (my cat) was cuter than this one, but of course I am quite biased. Anyway, no matter what I would still love my future pet.

 PERFUME: I always search for a perfume that stays all day. I had my research on what are the best brands of perfume. So when I got the list of what they say as the best, I also learned that it's not only about the brands that make it last longer. Sure, it's a big factor but it is also said that perfumes lasts longer if you have moisturized skin. I have a dry skin so I have to work on it. Eau de Parfum stays longer than Eau de Toilette and oil-based perfumes are better.

I decided that I want Chanel No. 5. It is the original timeless classic. It smells like flowers (ylang-ylang, mayrose and Jasmine) which I like the most because it makes you smell fresh. If you also want a perfume that stays up to days, (I used a tester) you can find it here,Position,1-5,5


So I have this book, given by my lovely friend. It has an audio cd with it and a code for a free online course from Collins. I really think it is perfect for me since one of the things stated at my bucket list is to be multilingual. And now, I'm trying to learn how to speak Italian with this.

But for me, things are different if there's a personal interaction where you could really test what I learned. So when I saw this at,Position,1-4,4#description , I instantly want to enroll here which is near at my location and very cheap. I would be eager to learn with this.


I've always wanted some lockets like these where I would be able to put my parent's picture in it. I know I could always see their picture in my wallet or at the internet but I felt like it's different with this. I would be more inspired with this.

But searching for this kind of necklace is quite difficult for me. Jewelry stores have limited sources on this kind of necklace. I want mine to look like it's a vintage accessory.

So when I saw this:

I instantly emailed the contact person immediately. If you guys also want this, you could look at,Position,1-7,7 I know it's a wedding jewelry but this is what I was exactly looking for!


Now that it's 2013, of course I would like to have a new pair of shoes and new clothes but until now, I still haven't been able to buy one. I'm opting for this look. I like Katherine Pierce' outfit, a fictional character from The Vampire Diaries. I always love her look.

True, it is easy to find an ankle boots but I haven't seen one that suits my taste. I saw one at,Position,1-6,6 It looks really a lot like the one Katherine wears.

The leather jacket is more difficult to find than the shoes. I'm not really looking for a leather jacket since I'm living in a tropical country. I'm not really sure what kind of fabric it is. One that looks like a leather but not too thick so it won't be too warm. I can't find something like that in stores or boutique. Thankfully, I saw something at Sulit. (,Position,1-8,8)


One of my new year's resolution is to lose at lot of weight. Summer is getting near! So I want to at least lose some of this extra pounds. But, News flash! I'm too lazy to go out for a walk and I don't want to just run around.

I tried boxing when I was still in High School and I enjoyed it very much. It makes me feel confident and energetic. I also tried Muay Thai. I could also use this for self-defense so it's better than just running. The gym where I went closed a year ago. So I'm looking for a near and cheap boxing class.

 I saw this ad about this gym at,Position,1-2,2

 As an Architecture student, we ought to know how to use CAD for our future profession. More and more companies hire someone who knew how to use CAD. You could be hire as a draftsman just by learning how to use it.

We have a specific subjects where we were taught how to use CAD. I'm not saying it's not enough but I think it is better if you have more knowledge about it. Besides, after you finish the lesson, they give you a certificate that states that you finished their lesson which could be included with your resume.

I saw this offer at,Position,1-3,3 where I could learn both Autocad and Sketch-Up. Win-win!

And as I said, we need CAD but how can I work without my own laptop? We have our desktop computer and laptops at home but my family uses it and it's quite distracting and annoying to work on a drawing when suddenly, someone will interrupt you just to see his/her Facebook.

I saw this laptop on sale at,Position,1-1,1


Lastly, as a student, I want to help my parents and find some part time job to provide for my own even in little ways like having my own "baon" or money for school supplies. Finding part time jobs is easy but, due to my schedule, I would like to have an online jobs which is more convenient. Luckily, Sulit has a category just for that which makes finding jobs easier! Found this one at,Position,1-5,5

And that completes my Top 10 Sulit Must Have's To Start My New Year Right. I might not be able to get this all at once but I will try my best to get this.

 So what's your Top 10 Sulit Must Have's?
Share it with us!
Just type your full name, Facebook profile URL or Twitter ID, list of the ten items with the link.

Five lucky readers of the winning blogger will each get P10,000 worth of GC’s!  
What a way to start your 2013, right?
So please help me to win this one.

  • 50% – creativity of blog post
  • 50% – number of comments
  • *Comments are subject to validation
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Have A Great Year Ahead!
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Hi! I just found that I’ve been the recipient of the Laine Blogger Award. I've just started to blogging about three weeks ago and being the recipient of this award, I've been inspired to keep on blogging. Thank you very much to Time to Chill, for sharing this award and I really appreciate it!
la la la la la
The Laine Blogger Award’s mechanics are as follows:
     1.Link Back to the Blogger who awarded you.
     2. Blog about your award.
     3. Give the award to 5 bloggers and let them know
Here's the list of the blogs for the Laine Blogger Award!
All the blogs stated above are really awesome, please do take the time to read them. Anyways, congratulations to the above blogs! :D

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The excitement in creating my blog!

Hi everyone! I’m Scarlettie13. I've been thinking of creating my blog for the past few months. And since we’re having our semestral break, I don’t see a reason not to start a blog. Well, since this is my first post, I’m very excited but I’m wrecked nervous as well. I've been reading tips and guides on how to start an effective blogging. From choosing a blogging site to creating my first post, I've read it all. That’s how nervous I am.

So, about the topic I wanted to concentrate. I’m actually thinking of three topics to write for; travel, movies, and books. Travel. I LOVE Travelling, whenever I got a long weekend or holidays, I always make sure to have a little escapade from the busy life of the city. I always crave for outings; it offers adventures, fun and excitement, and also a sanctuary that takes us from our regular lives. Besides, in terms of beauty of nature, the Philippines has a LOT to offer. We might as well enjoy it! J

Movies. A lot of people love movies, and I’m absolutely one of them. You don’t have to allocate a huge amount of time like travelling for you to enjoy a film. Watching movies is one of the most popular hobbies of people worldwide.  What I like about them is movies are like versions of one person’s own lives or sometime, even my own. It’s like a music that depicts the emotions of the creators; it could be a remake of real life events or just a fantasy. Well, there are even times that I watch a movie because of its casts even if the movie itself is not that interesting. But there are even a times that I “endure” watching the movie because I don’t particularly like the acting of one of its casts.

Books.  I like reading because in my mind it was like being with the characters and escaping into their world for a while. It is more detailed than the movies and you can bring it anywhere. I learned to look at books as an escape and to give for the sheer enjoyment of leaving behind the stress of a college student's life. I just love how reading can just take us away!!! I get so wrapped up in a book that sometimes, I cry when I finished reading it. I read different kinds of books; from romance to suspense then from sci-fi to history. I even wrote my own fanfic and then post in a website when I get too attached in the story.

So, here it is! My first blog post! I got so nervous in writing this. But I enjoyed sharing my own thoughts in this matter. I promise to at least post in each category every week. So maybe I’ll post from 2-3 entries every week. I’m not sure about the travel category once our second semester started. But I’ll try my best to keep it updated. That’s all! I hope you’ll have a great time reading blog! J

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